Continuing Education: Accredited Courses


Critical Concepts in Healthcare Lighting (1.0 AIA/CES LU (HSW) or NCQLP LEU)

Key topics covered: (1) Major trends in healthcare lighting, (2) Importance of infection control, (3) Deep dive into the lighting needs of 10 critical areas of the hospital, (4) IES recommended practice for healthcare facilities, (5) Clinical benefits of recessed exam lighting.


Healthcare Lighting Challenge - MRI Suites (1.0 AIA/CES LU or NCQLP LEU)

Key topics covered: (1) What is Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and how does it work? (2) Special requirements of the MRI suite, (3) Three necessary components for successful MRI lighting, (4) Popular design techniques in the MRI suite, (5) Frequently forgotten questions.


Color and Light: Color Rendering, Color Temperature, Tunable White, and Circadian Lighting (1.0 AIA/CES LU (HSW) or NCQLP LEU)

Key topics covered: (1) Measuring color rendition with TM-30 and extended CRI, (2) An intro to color science and the black body curve, (3) Ideal CCT specification for various healthcare applications, (4) Control options for tunable white and circadian systems, (5) Color tuning vs. intensity tuning vs. stimulus tuning vs. circadian-supporting static color.


Humancentric Lighting Design and the WELL Building Standard (1.0 AIA/CES LU (HSW) or NCQLP LEU)

Key topics covered: (1) Introduce the WELL Building Standard, (2) Identify the 10 concepts that comprise the WELL approach to occupant wellness, (3) Three levels of certification: Silver, Gold, & Platinum, (4) Deep dive into WELL’s pre-conditions and optimizations associated with “Light.”


Kirlin "Best Practices" for Healthcare Lighting

In addition to our accredited courses, Kirlin's team of healthcare lighting experts is happy to provide 15 minute "best practices" sessions, covering nine critical areas of healthcare lighting: (1) ICU, (2) NICU, (3) Labor & Delivery, (4) Behavioral Health, (5) Cardiac Cath Lab, (6) Operating Room & Hybrid OR, (7) MRI Suite, (8) Patient Room, (9) Emergency Room. We offer these sessions "On Demand" for smaller groups, and once a month as scheduled Conduit Webinars from September 2020 through May 2021 -- register now by clicking the link to the right!


Critical Concepts for Healthcare Lighting (8 CEUs)

A 1.5 day program at Kirlin’s Reflection Point Education & Technology Center in Detroit, Michigan. For the lighting professional who is interested in lighting for hospitals, long term care and other healthcare facilities. This seminar includes presentations on the latest trends in healthcare lighting, along with IESNA and WELL Building recommended practices. Apply these objectives to optimal lighting for: behavioral health, Circadian/color tuning patient rooms, LDRP, ICU/NICU/PICU, MRI LED turnkey systems, hybrid OR and OT, and use of red/amber NightLights and ChartLights.