The WhisperPack™ HID ballast is an exclusive Kirlin feature with multiple advantages. Perhaps the most highly acclaimed benefit of WhisperPack™ is its “LibraryQuiet™” operation. WhisperPack ballasts are 4.3 times quieter than conventional core and coil ballasts, as proven by the independent test summarized below. In fact, all of Kirlin’s catalogued WhisperPack products, even our 400 watt pendant mounted cylinders, meet or exceed ASHRAE’s Design Guidelines for background noise in all spaces including, theaters, houses of worship and libraries.

Other WhisperPack™ advantages, include…

  • Cooler operation – WhisperPack and entire Kirlin luminaire run cooler…
    • Allows Kirlin luminaires to be installed in shallow plenums
    • Permits higher wattages in smaller luminaires than our competitors
    • Extends the life of the entire luminaire, including the ballast and other components
  • Serviceable through the luminaire opening
  • Corrosion resistant and rust proof – 100% acrylic enameled ballast can and housing
  • UL listed for wet, damp or dry locations (covered ceiling use)
  • Protected by Kirlin’s exclusive Three Year Warranty.

WhisperPack™: The Sound Study
Test Objective:

To measure and compare the sound emitted from Kirlin’s WhisperPack™ ballast vs. a conventional open core and coil ballast of the same wattage and voltage in a pendant mounted luminaire.

Test Procedure:

Advance Transformer Company conducted the test using a Kirlin supplied 400 Watt 120 volt CWA metal halide pendant mounted luminaire (SR51235-FT-PM). A WhisperPack™ ballast was first tested in the fixture and then an open core and coil ballast was installed in the same luminaire and tested.

Test Results:
  Kirlin WhisperPack™ Open Core and Coil Audible Sound Difference
Ambient Sound Level 18.0db 18.0db Same
Lamp Start Up 22.6db 32.7db 3.4 times noisier
Lamp Stabilized - 1 Hour 24.4db 37.0db 4.3 times noisier
Test Conclusion:

Kirlin’s WhisperPack™ ballast is 4.3 times quieter than a conventional open core and coil ballast. Kirlin’s WhisperPack™ ballast meets or exceeds ASHRAE Design Guidelines for background noise in all spaces.

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